Book Review: Self-Styled

Self-Styled: Dare to Be Different by Anthony Lycett

Anthony Lycett is a London-based photographer intrigued by personal style. He spent years photographing the unique styles of individuals, and recently released a book showcasing the work from this project.

The book, Self-Styled: Dare to Be Different, is comprised of a series of side-by-side photos of the same person in two different outfits - one representing daywear and one representing nightwear. It's a project Lycett has been working on since 2008.

These aren't just your everday, average outfits, however - they represent individualism in a way that speaks volumes in a book that contains remarkably little text. In fact, the majority of the text is quotes from the photography subjects, giving the reader a glimpse into their lives and what their style represets.

"Where does the urge come from to dress the way I do? It's the will to aesteticise adn theatricalise my life, a passion for colours and unique pieces found in flea markets and charity shops.... and a bit of attention-seeking," quips Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, a costume designer whose two pictures outfits are a dress and accessories made of colorful Lego pieces and a skirt and corset made of Barbie doll parts.

It's a stunningly beautiful book that celebrates the freedom of expression and individualism through personal style.

Self-Styled is available for purchase on Amazon.

Thursday, February 16, 2017