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Chic in Columbus, Ohio blogger

Sam Berry started her blog, Chic in Columbus, as a creative outlet while she was a college student. She writes about home décor, beauty, fashion, and life in Columbus. We asked Berry some questions about blogging, finding inspiration and more - see what she had to say below:

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I started blogging right after moving out of my childhood home and in with my boyfriend while I was in my third year at Ohio State. I had just switched from a photography major at Ohio University to marketing at OSU and I wanted a creative outlet that would force me to use my camera again. I was really into fashion blogs at that time and was inspired by the beautiful photos on the blogs that I read everyday. I thought it would be fun to continue practicing my photography with my own spin of a "fashion blog."

What advice would you give to someone just starting a lifestyle or fashion blog? 

My advice to someone starting out is to be yourself. As cliche as it sounds, the world of blogging is now so saturated that you risk sticking to the trends and creating content that looks just like everyone else’s. For me, blogging was my creative outlet and personal hobby where I could write about whatever I wanted but I quickly found that I didn’t always feel that the things I wrote about were things I really cared about. Too many times I caught myself just regurgitating something that I saw a dozen other bloggers post about. If you write about the things that you really care about at this stage of your life, the authenticity and passion will show and will set you apart.

Where do you find inspiration for your posts? 

I find my inspiration for my posts in two places, other blogs and real life. When I was first starting off, I spent hours reading blogs every week and that created the foundation of things I would write about. As time has gone on and my blog has become more lifestyle than fashion, I still read blogs and get inspiration but I also find that I now want to write more about the things that happen to me in my life, such as trips I take or interesting things I do over the weekend. I have been really into watching YouTube over the last few years and that has opened my eyes to lifestyle bloggers from all over the world, which has shown me more topics to write about. If I see something that I like or think of something I want to write about, I add it to a list on my phone.

Do you have a favorite post, or one you're particularly proud of? 

In the last year or so, I have become a lot more intentional with my posts and as a result, I find that I have a hard time picking just one favorite. One that I am particularly proud of is my Chambray Dress + Bandana \\ OOTD post. It is a post that I was very intentional with and provided direction to my husband (who was my photographer) based on a vision I had in my head, rather than just winging it. I put time into creating that post and it stands out from others that I whipped together the night before. It also ties back to my fashion blog origins, which I think makes it a post that has more value to readers than some of my more personal posts.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would say my personal style is very casual with a touch of chic. Jeans are about as dressed up as I get but I still pay attention to trends and try to incorporate the ones I like into my outfits. My favorite thing to wear is a comfortable pair of high-waisted jeans and a t-shirt. I also occasionally dabble in athleisure when I want to take casual to the next level. 

What is the best piece of style advice you've ever received? 

Wear what makes you feel good. You can follow current trends all day but if you are not comfortable, it will show. If you wear pieces that you love, on trend or not, you will feel more confident and other people will notice. Life is too short to wear something you don’t love. 

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Monday, October 30, 2017