Thread expands into Cleveland

Thread expands into Cleveland
The locally-based boutique Thread has announced it will expand with its first Cleveland-area store next month.

Apparel company finds roots in Columbus

Lohcal Apparel, Columbus, Ohio
Lohcal Apparel Union is a Columbus-based clothing company that keeps its values - being American made and affordable - at the forefront in all of its products. The company was started by three friends who all held the same ideals about what their clothing line should represent. Once they discovered their shared ideals, they hit the ground running, and Lohcal Apparel was created.

Blog Spotlight: The Style Concession

The Style Concession, Columbus fashion blog
Pauline Kay has been interested in fashion for a long time - her whole life, actually. When she decided to share her style with the world, The Style Concession was born. The busy blogger, style consultant and all-around fashionista was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

Mobile boutique brings fashion to shoppers

Britt's Beauty Box, Columbus, Ohio
Brittany's Beauty Box, a local mobile and online boutique, began from the founder's need to find work- and age-appropriate clothing that wasn't easy to snag at the mall. With a background in retail and a passion for style, Brittany decided to develop a boutique that could help women with the same fashion needs in a way that's most convenient to them. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us about opening a boutique, running a business in Columbus, and her favorite style advice.

Local company shares love for its home state

State of Mine Apparel, Columbus, Ohio
State of Mine Apparel is a local company that started as a creative outline for its founder and has since grown into a sizable clothing line touting Ohio love in its designs. Its founder was was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about starting a business, sharing appreciation for Ohio and his future plans for the company.

Babes in Business

The Sunroom, Columbus, Ohio
Chloe Crites and Suzanne Riska are the inspirational feministas that started The Sunroom, one of the only all-sustainable and ethical clothing and lifestyle shops located in Columbus. This creative duo is here to show us what it means to be women in the business and fashion world!

Blogger spotlight: Mrs. Ladylike

Columbus fashion blogger Mrs. Ladylike
Local blogger Liz (aka Mrs. Ladylike) moved to Columbus nine years ago and needed a creative outlet. With a background in fashion and a full-time job that had nothing to do with the fashion field, she took matters into her own hands and started blogging.

Blog Spotlight: Chic in Columbus

Chic in Columbus, Ohio blogger
Sam Berry started her blog, Chic in Columbus, as a creative outlet while she was a college student. She writes about home décor, beauty, fashion, and life in Columbus. We asked Berry some questions about blogging, finding inspiration and more.

New sweat-proof shirt has local origins

Sweat Seal
There’s a new type of shirt on the market that can protect you from getting too sweaty - and it has roots here in Columbus.

Blogger Spotlight: Maudie Lloyd

Maudie Lloyd, Columbus fashion blog
Maudie Lloyd, the voice behind the eponymous website, began blogging as a creative alternative to her day job. She spoke to use about developing your brand, looking for new styles and her favorite piece of fashion advice.