New sweat-proof shirt has local origins

Sweat Seal

There’s a new type of shirt on the market that can protect you from getting too sweaty - and it has roots here in Columbus.

The Sweat Seal shirt uses stain-blocking technology to prevent unsightly sweat stains. The shirt is the brainchild of Freddy Adenuga, a native of Miami, Florida who now resides in Columbus.

In his hometown of Miami, “there’s humidity 24/7,” Adenuga said. “Everyone there is used to being sweaty.”

As a temporary solution, Adenuga used to stick paper napkins in the armpits of his shirts to avoid getting sweat stains. He was going through this ritual while preparing to give a speech in class and thought, “There has to be a better way.”

“No matter what I wore, my clothes were drenched in sweat,” he said. “[Regular] undershirts do nothing for me.”

Adenuga got to work finding a solution, developing a prototype and eventually working with a product development firm, after receiving an investment from his father.

After college, Adenuga joined Venture for America, as a fellow. Venture for America moved Adenuga from Florida to Columbus, where he worked full-time for a startup company for two years, while working on Sweat Seal on the side. He finished his fellowship in May 2017 and has since been able to devote all of his attention to his business.

Adenuga knew he wanted to be hands-on in the production process of Sweat Seal, so he set out to find a manufacturer within driving distance of Columbus - and he found one in Cleveland. He drove to Cleveland from Columbus about three times per week to oversee the prototype product of what would be mass produced.

Adenuga’s entrepreneurial journey is far from over, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already learned a few valuable lessons. He offered the following advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: “Have a clear vision, but be open to feedback from people who are eventually going to buy your product. You can’t forget you’re designing for someone else - make sure what you’re designing is what other people want and fits into their wardrobe.”

While Adenuga is busy growing his business, he knows that it’s important to enjoy the hustle of the moment.

“This is the fun part,” he said. “When we’re a 15-person team, I can look back on this. This is what I live for. I love every second of this.”

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Monday, October 23, 2017